Jungle Fever

Personal photo journal of Global Health Internship with NGO in Thailand serving Burmese Migrants and Refugees
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Karaoke night!

Making coconut-stuffed rice balls!

[Mae Sot, Thailand]

[Mae La Oon Refugee Camp, Tak, Thailand]

GlobeMed interns observe our first Reproductive Health Training with BWU.

[Mae Sot, Thailand.]

Former Burmese political prisoners advocate for current political prisoners in Burma

Rice paddies and mountains are everywhere.

If women just accept their situation, they cannot make change in their communities.

BWU Staff Member on the importance of empowering and educating women

Aaand this is where I shower — using a bucket to pull water out of the large ceramic urn while wearing a circular, dress-length fabric called (what else?) a “shower dress.”

The 2nd grade classroom of a Burmese migrant primary school we were able to visit.

The most tame waterfall of the day. Equally beautiful.

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